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I think that Shweder is much more concerned about his own culture than we are generally giving him credit for within the classroom discussion. A lot of the blog posts I have read so far have referenced the idea that being aware of other peoples differences and unique cultures is a good in and of it’s self. To a greater extent, that Shweder is pointing out cultural differences so that we can appreciate that everyone has differences and we need to accept the fact. I propose that Shweder is not so much concerned with multiculturalism as he is with the progression of his own culture. I think that Shweder would be quick to acknowledge that many of the cultures he analyzes have been stagnated for generations and that as often as you learn something from another culture that enhances your own, you learn of something that has major setbacks. I think that Shweder is much less concerned with various cultures learning to live together in harmony than he is with theĀ progressionĀ of the culture he has the greatest influence over in order to increase it’s overall survivability.

The link I have posted below is from a radio program called Radiolab. Just click and press play, it’s not short but it’s about de-centering and its entertaining.


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February 2, 2011 at 2:36 am

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